Having already helped thousands of customers with their website hosting needs, JeeIndia is your trusted partner to support your transition to becoming a shared hosting provider. Together, we will create a specialized and targeted application based on a proven, stable and scalable platform.

Here at JeeIndia, our certified system integrators collaborate to find solutions for any platform.

Solid Web Server Security

JeeIndia’s web-hosting platform has the ability to fully automatically secure your applications and websites.

Web Server Security

Atomicore ModSecurity Rules Built-in (free) with upgrade to full Atomicore Rules CloudFlare Servershield Support.

Network Security

Fail2ban support Atomicore Secure Linux Support (paid upgrade from ModSecurity) Various Security Extensions available from 3rd Parties (Rootkit Detection, DDOS Protection, Firewall Managers, others)

Antispam & Antivirus

MagicSpam Integration Dr. Web & Kaspersky Server Support SMTP Relay Support Outbound Antispam.

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DNS management

Core Features

Master and Slave Support Primary and Secondary Support

Ability to build centralized DNS for multiple servers

Support for External DNS

E-Mail Components

Enhanced E-Mail Components

Roundcube Webmail
Horde Webmail

Included option to connect your own webmail solution

E-Mail Security

Admin-Ahead SSL for eMail MagicSpam Antispam SpamExperts Antispam ClamAV (through Atomicore Secure Linux option) Dr. Web Kaspersky

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Development Environment

Core Features

Developers Dashboard
Online Code Editor with syntax highlighting, Rich Content Editor Option
Advanced Site Preview with Support for dynamic sites with .htaccess support
Easy Collaboration with Designers
Full App Isolation with option for optimized VPS Hosting

Developer Collaboration

Web app deployment via git from your computer Web app deployment via git from your remote repo (GitHub, Bitbucket etc.) Online File Manager

Advanced Javascript Frameworks

NodeJS Support through Phusion Passenger Server Meteor Framework Support (through 3rd party)

Server Automation

Automatic Application Deployment

WordPress w/ WordPress Toolkit
Over 100 Apps such as Joomla!, Typo3, Magento, Drupal, and many others at a click of a button
Support for automatic site application deployment
Support for Softaculous and Installatron

Provisioning & Orchestration

Subscriptions, Service Plans and Resellers Management
Move customers between resellers, convert customers to resellers
Powerful XML-API and CLI for all features to integrate your own automation and provisioning systems.

Server Components Administration

Simple Auto Installer for server and all server components at a click of a button Databases: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgresSQL, MSSQL FTP servers: ProFTP, SFTP
Webservers: Apache, NGNIX, LiteSpeed, IIS (Windows) Web Servers eMail options: Postfix, Qmail, Dovecot, Roundecube, Horde, others

Intelligent Maintenance

Server Auto-Repair, Automatic Database Repair Powerful Log Browser

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Database Options & Management

Core Database Features

Supports all Major Databases

Simple User Experience for Database Management

Complete, clean & easy-to-manage. Import/export databases, automated check and repair features for MySQL and MSSQL. Read-only users for critical configurations.

Backup, Restore, Import, Export

We provide complete export and import features for databases that are very easy to handle. The original format of the data is preserved the database sizes for this feature are unlimited.

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